B2B Ecommerce Marketing & Promotion Features

Grow revenue, improve your customer's experiences and build loyalty with promotion features built especially for B2B companies.

B2B sales online are competitive, and your marketing team needs the ability to increase revenue and customer loyalty through targeted promotions. Consumers expect personalized promotions and rewards, and by not creating customized marketing campaigns, you risk losing business to your competitors. To keep your customers engaged, Virto Commerce offers a variety of promotional tools.

Conditional Promotions

Flexible promotion module provides the right targeted incentives to specific customers for certain products or categories.

Coupons & Tracking

Use promo codes and coupons to run targeted promotions, and easily track the results and revenue for each coupon.

Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) Support Tools

Ensure that third party sellers are not hurting your brand by selling your products at prices lower than they should be.

Customer Segmenting

Leverage the flexibility to segment your customers endlessly, ensuring they received promotions targeted exactly to their wants and needs.

Web Content Management

Easily manage your site to keep your promotions and content up to date.

Shipping Promotions

Create customized shipping promotions to increase revenue per customer and brand loyalty.

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Order Management

Grow revenue, improve your customer's experiences and streamline your process with order management features built especially for B2B companies.

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Pricing Tools

Pricing Features Built for the Complexity of B2B Digital Commerce

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Content Management System (CMS)

Virto Commerce offers a powerful, yet simple CMS that will delight both marketers and developers. 

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