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Radically fresh approach to eCommerce platforming for distributors and manufacturers with a proven track record of successful implementation of B2B eCommerce solutions globally.

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Virto Commerce is B2B eCommerce platform for medium and enterprise businesses with state-of-art cloud based technologies which support both headless and traditional eCommerce. Virto Commerce is an API-based, fully-customizable, extensible, composable and able to grow with your business. Adapts to - and forecasts constantly changing customer needs.

Quick facts about Virto Commerce


B2B eCommerce platform built to scale up


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Tailored to easily outline multiple, complex and sophisticated B2B scenarios

Tested, implemented and approved by well-known companies - both global and local

Employs technologies such as Kubernetes, Elastic, .Net Core. Agile-friendly software

B2B ecommerce platform key features customized to your needs

B2B account management & access control

Easily manage B2B accounts across different organizations, departments, and other corporate units. 


Separate roles and access levels for buyers and users, manage permissions to avoid security risks and keep data on a need-to-know basis.


Case study: De Klok

Contract catalog and pricing management

Customize the catalog and pricing for specific companies and business units. 


Provide a personal shopping experience by showcasing different pricing and product catalogs depending on a buyer group.



Case study: Lavazza

Order and deal-specific workflows

Tailor the sales, quote, and order processes for each individual customer. 


Build custom workflows to carry out specific operations required for your business and create additional workflows to support emerging business processes.

Perfect search

Leverage the full power of search and turn it into your competitive advantage. 


Native integration with Elasticsearch and Azure Cognitive Search engines ensures your customers always find what they are looking for.

Extensibility & stretchability

Digitize all your buyer-seller interactions and account for all business scenarios by modifying the platform to fit your requirements and specific use case. 


Control the look and feel of the platform, its contents, and layout by optimizing the platform UX.

Reach any customer

Reach your customers wherever they are in any geographical location with the platform’s multi-language functionality. 


Provide your customers with a seamless shopping experience by linking online and offline stores in a single omnichannel model, whether they are shopping from a desktop, mobile device, telephone, or a brick-and-mortar store.

Virto Commerce Architectural Guidelines

Download our architectural guidelines for an in-depth technical look at how our platform is designed

Virto Commerce B2B ecommerce platform architecture

The ability to build, stretch, compose, and extend Virto Commerce solution creates infinite possibilities for your business.

Headless & API-based

The headless approach, where all your content is housed centrally and delivered anywhere via the API, allows you to create and modify as many channels as you like and build different business logics and websites on top of the same ecommerce environment.


Deployment on any cloud environment allows you to expand across different data centers and availability zones and rids you of maintaining complex back end technology.


The idea behind a high degree of modularity is to split the complex system into functional units. The modular architecture allows you to modify only the components you want while still continue using the rest of the system without any interruptions and modifications.

Extensible & composable

The extensibility and composability of the platform ensure you transform it as you grow and your business changes. Adding the best apps and components from the market and integrating them into your customized ecommerce solution allows you to build the best customer experience within the least amount of time.

Top 5 benefits of cloud-based B2B ecommerce platform

B2B ecommerce platform

Lavazza by Bluespresso

Lavazza Bluespresso, who delights with their coffee more than 4,000 businesses online, has individual pricing lists for each of its customers. Having more than 4,000 pricing lists is a large volume of data, which Virto Commerce has been able to process and cater to seamlessly.

Moreover, with the help of Virto Commerce, Lavazza operates two stores, one for B2B and another one for B2C customers. The keeping of two distinct business logics has become especially important for businesses during the pandemic. Furthermore, with Virto Commerce, Lavazza has been able to keep the CMS solution of its own choice and perform multiple integrations with its internal systems for further processing and analysis.

B2B ecommerce platform

Bosch Thermotechnik

With the help of Virto Commerce, Bosch Thermotechnik, the Thermo technology division of the Bosch Group, has been able to create its loyalty store connecting 66 different fulfillment providers and maintaining 26 different multilingual websites across the EU.

The loyalty marketplace supported by Bosch via Virto Commerce B2B ecommerce platform connects more than 60 different fulfillment centers which monitor the contents of the catalogue and set up prices for the items, which Bosch customers can buy with the loyalty points they earn by buying products from Bosch. The fulfilment centers are in turn connected to the end suppliers who ensure uninterrupted delivery to customers. Moreover, there are 25 such websites across Europe, approximately one in each country, with suppliers working only with one or a few countries where they deliver. Virto Commerce has ensured such a complex marketplace has become possible.

The 5 pitfalls that make leading enterprise ecommerce want to replatform

B2B ecommerce platform

De Klok Dranken

De Klok, a leading FBMC company in the Netherlands, has a complex organizational structure, where a B2B client can work with many companies but only one supplier and vice versa, where one company has many suppliers in different locations. Moreover, De Klok does not force its clients to shop online and welcomes them to place orders through the company’s representative.

In such an approach, De Klok’s company’s sales person logins into a customer’s account and orders on behalf of the customer, meaning that a sales rep, who is listed as a user, can serve as a buyer in many companies along with other buyers. Virto Commerce has ensured that such a complex account management system is possible and one user (with all appropriate access permissions) can log into different accounts and order goods on behalf of other companies. De Klok has also a complex pricing system which is tied to their ERP, which they have preferred not to be dragged to the new ecommerce solution. Virto Commerce has not forced De Klok to make unnecessary transitions and has ensured De Klok is capable of connecting to the B2B ecommerce platform without dragging its all complex pricing system from the ERP. Moreover, with Virto Commerce, De Klok has been able to continue using the CMS solution of their own choice on the front end.

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