Top 3 Tips to Maximize Conversions through On-Site Search This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Top 3 Tips to Maximize Conversions through On-Site Search This Black Friday and Cyber Monday

In 2016, Cyber Monday topped the charts as the biggest online shopping day in history, with $3.45 billion spent online. That’s 12.1% higher than 2015! We can’t help but wonder what this year’s Cyber Monday has in store for us.

The countdown to the top grossing shopping day has officially begun. It’s essential that online retailers take the necessary steps to ensure that their websites are optimized for the high volume of traffic to their website, making sure that their store is running as smoothly as possible.

This Black Friday and Cyber Monday, enhance your online store’s shopping experience and increase revenue by implementing these three simple tools.


There are two types of online shoppers –people who don’t know what they’re looking for, and ones that know exactly what they’re looking for. For the second batch of shoppers, retailers must make sure that they have the appropriate tools to enable these shoppers to find the specific products they’re looking for. One great way to ensure this is by using a product finder tool, which guides shoppers through an intuitive and interactive process that leads consumers to the exact product they’re searching for.

This enhanced site search tool creates an impressive user experience as it makes your customers buying decision streamlined, personalized, and intuitive by asking the right questions, in the right sequence, and entirely customized for your product catalog.

707motoring is a great example of how a website should use a product finder. Site visitors have an option of selecting the vehicle year make, company make, and model. This way, all the results that come up, will be specific to the visitor’s car. For example, when the 2015 3-series BMW is selected, only car parts related to this car appear.


When visitors land on your website, create excitement right away by greeting them with all the deals happening on your website for Black Friday & Cyber Monday. Provide festive landing pages and site banners that highlight your store’s exclusive, limited-time deals and popular items to further entice them to make purchases within a specific time frame.

It’s crucial to let customers know exactly what your deals are, and make them stand out, so they don’t have to go searching for them. There are many apps and page builder tools out there that allow e-retailers to create promotional banners and landing pages on the fly.


Autocomplete is a staple in today’s eCommerce world. Consumers expect e-retailers to read their mind and know exactly what they’re looking for. Investing in an autocomplete tool is an essential move for the holidays, especially since there are so many ways to use it to your advantage. Here are some unconventional ways that you can use autocomplete for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

  1. Populate results with informative content (I.e. blogs, recipes, shipping information)

  2. Populate results with videos

  3. Populate results with promotional banners, landing pages & category pages

  4. Populate results with product images


  1. Informative Content

Kraft Heinz uses an autocomplete function to populate recipes related to the word that is being typed into the search bar.

Tip: Populate the autocomplete results with blog pieces specific to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

  1. Videos

Patrolbase uses autocomplete to populate results with videos pertaining to the word typed into the search bar.

Tip: Populate the results with “How To” or instructional videos of the product being searched.

  1. Banners, Landing Pages & Category Pages

JL Hufford is using autocomplete to display banners which lead to landing pages specific to the word being typed into the search bar. Looking at the image below, when “Creuset” is typed into the search bar, a banner for the landing page of “Creuset” sale items shows up in the results. Additionally, popular searches and the “Le Creuset” category page also show up. This provides the consumer with an ample amount of information about the product of interest.

Tip: Create banners highlighting the Black Friday & Cyber Monday sales on specific products.

  1. Product Images

One of the most effective ways to reduce the rate of abandonment and increase conversions is shortening the cycle to the checkout. In other words, the fewer the clicks it takes for a visitor to complete a purchase, the better. Including product images in the search results is one way to do this.

Including thumbnails of products in the autocomplete allows site visitors to see the product without having to click on it.

Tip: Make sure that your product photos are clear in thumbnail form, and are flattering to your product.

Holidays come and go, but e-retailers must ensure that they provide site visitors with effective, time-saving features for a hassle-free shopping experience so that customers will come back year after year. The above tips are simple tools that require an enhanced search and navigation tool.

This article was written by Michelle Seges, Partner Marketing Coordinator at Nextopia –a leader in eCommerce Search & Navigation.

Nextopia uses a powerful machine learning algorithm to filter and sort products, displaying the most popular and relevant products first to convert browsers into buyers. This powerful technology integrates easily and is proven to increase sales, provide vital customer insights, and significantly improve a customer’s shopping experience.