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Announcing the release of Virto Commerce 1.3

Today we release version 1.3 of Virto Commerce. This is a minor release just a little over a week since previous one. This release was mostly focused around the following:

  • User Guide: we reviewed our User Guide and improved the content, please send us information on what section can be improved
  • Developer Guide: added some extra info on working with assets as well as documentation on deploying source code package into azure, we will continue adding content to the guide
  • Bug Fixes: fix some issues related to installation, commerce manager and some frontend bugs
  • Azure SDK 2.1: moved solution to new SDK, updated powershell scripts to use new SDK
  • New Support Site: make sure to visit our new support site and forums available at, you can now vote on proposed features or submit your requests there

Make sure to try running Virto Commerce in azure environment, it is now as simple as executing PowerShell script by following this guide which automatically installs and configures frontend web role, storage, search worker role and scheduler worker role.

What’s next?

We have many exiting things planned for the next sprint, including integration with Kooboo CMS and many other smaller features.