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Announcing the release of Virto Commerce 1.4

Today we release version 1.4.591 of Virto Commerce. This is a minor release and a result of sprint 18. It includes the following fixes and new features:

  • New Progress Indicator - Commerce Manager now shows
  • Fix to items querying from Virtual Catalog - tested with millions of products
  • Creating new module documentation - checkout the guide describing how to create a new module
  • Fix: fulfillment inventory tab refresh issue fixed
  • Fix: refund amount wasn't calculating correctly when creating new RMA request in admin
  • Fix: item and category validation before saving
  • Fix: various import issues and improvements
  • Fix: improvement to azure deployment scripts
  • Fix: azure job scheduler now creates correct blob type
  • SDK: improvements to installer and configurator
  • Documentation: added object model and other diagrams for catalog system

During the current spring we also introduced new support system and support forums available at

What's Next?

  • CMS Integrated Sample Site Beta Release - we've integrated our e-Commerce package with Kooboo CMS and we'll be releasing public beta in the next few weeks, stay tuned!
  • New Responsive mobile design for sample store
  • Creating new store step by step tutorial
  • More improvements to SDK Installer to make it easier to setup VC
  • Public Source Code repository either on codeplex or github

Progress indicator

A general purpose progress indicator implemented. All long running processes should report their statuses to this progress indicator. Some features:

  • Multi-instance. Can display multiple statuses at the same time;
  • Multi-purpose. Can receive (and display) messages from different sources;
  • Support undetermined and determined states;
  • Both indeterminate and determinate modes supported. A percentage competed can be reported, if working in determinate mode.

Status reporting for Asset upload, Catalog and Category deletion has been added at the moment.

Large numbers abbreviated on dashboard tiles

Abbreviation rules applied for large numbers on dashboard tiles. Now all numbers will fit in the fixed size dashboard tile:

Item and Category validation fixed

Some entities possess logical restrictions that can't be checked at database level. For instance, a product can have a property assigned whose value is marked as required. Now such product is not saved, the faulty tab is activated and invalid property values are marked: