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September 2016 release notes

We are happy to announce the new VirtoCommerce 'September 2016' release. The main changes that we implemented were aimed at making VirtoCommerce more extensible and stable.
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New! site has FINALLY migrated to VirtoCommerce Platform. Now it's fully managed from VirtoCommerce Manager.
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Reporting in VirtoCommerce

The amount of data accumulated for analysis is increasing daily. In the past, companies used internal data sources for analysis and decision-making.
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Virto Commerce Blog

Virto Commerce is the most innovative .NET open source product developed on top of Virto Commerce Platform. Platform is created with full compliance of SOLID and DDD principles.
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Virto Commerce at IRCE 2014

We are very excited about being at IRCE 2014 next week. It is our first IRCE conference since the launch of Virto Commerce and we'll be showcasing our product and our customers.
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Handling Cyber Monday Traffic–Part 1

You developed and launched an e-commerce site and now wondering, can my site handle the traffic?
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Webcast: Virto Commerce Open Source Enterprise eCommerce Platform Overview

As an eCommerce market is growing, more merchants are considering an eCommerce strategy as the crucial one for their business.
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Two good news: catalog and localization

During the last development our demo catalog got more consistent structure.
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Why Elon Musk Hyperloop on an eCommerce platform site?

I've been repeatedly asked, why did we have the image of Hyperloop on our site. Well, the reason is simple.
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The moment after big race started

If you are E-Commerce domain specialist, I believe, that you will be surprised how many features of mature products we are providing right now. And if you are web developer, you will be amazed by VirtoCommerce system’s architecture.