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Our development plans – Roadmap overview

Our development plans – Roadmap overview

We never stop working on our platform, making sure that it always stays up-to- date with the latest marketing, e-commerce and software development trends! Virto Commerce solution is constantly being enhanced, modified and tested to guarantee the best user experience. Here’re our main goals for the next few months.

  1. Improving our development process. We’re working on quality assurance processes to make sure we present the best product! We are big believers in the Agile method to which we add our own methods of monitoring. We’re enhancing our testing practices and improving internal processes (interface, etc.)
  2. Introducing more scenarios and prioritizing updates for the B2B sector. Among some key new features are
  • Personalized product catalogs / experience module enabling each company to have its own account where it can add users, assign customer roles, give budgets to those roles, etc.
  • “Login to buy” option hiding prices for anonymous users. This new feature will also allow setting different prices for different accounts and adding multiple addresses.
  • Sample subscription store, Sample multi vendor store and Sample Marketplace store. SaaS will now be offering new store scenario selection, making the process of using store scenarios easy and convenient.
  1. Improving platform technology. We’re always making sure we’re accommodating the newest trends with our platform. We’re now moving more and more towards actively using microservices and generally increasing module use.

We’re also introducing a catalog extension model that will allow adding extensions to a central module for changes instead of needing to apply changes directly to the module itself.

Optimizing the use of Azure services (Marketplace deployment package, Advanced AI based product recommendation engine, Improved frontend search UI, support Azure Search) is high on our priority list! We’re moving towards the system, where you would have a choice of where to store your catalogue. You would be able to choose between using SQL or NoSQL. This will be a great solution for multi-vendor and multi-country platforms!

For a detailed look at all the new features we’re implementing, please check our complete roadmap!