Virto Commerce enhanced its platform capabilities with Elastic Cloud

Virto Commerce provides ecommerce technology, services, and expertise for hundreds of merchants and solution companies. Leveraging our open source ecommerce platform, hosted solution and full-service offering, our clients strategically use ecommerce to build stronger customer relationships and rapidly increase global online sales.

Why Elastic?

As a company, we mostly use Elastic Search for quick full-text search in the product catalog, orders, members, etc. When the normal search is too slow with big amounts of data, Elastic can find it in seconds.

As a platform developer, we support all options and have a good chance to compare. We have started integrating Elastic products into our platform from the very start. We were looking for the fast and relevant search within order catalogs. We tried the Hosted version of the Elastic Search first, then added Azure Search in order to explore other options and lastly, we’ve integrated the Elastic Cloud.

From solutions point of view we determined Elastic was the best choice for many of our projects. In our exploration journey with the extensive comparison, Azure Search proved to be too expensive for our average client. At the same time, the options it offered were more limited and overall the service seemed less stable.

Where we use it

We work with databases in a number of different languages. So, fast multilingual text search is an absolutely essential feature for us. Our interest in using Elastic lies in several key areas:

• Full-text search in English, Russian and Chinese

• Aggregating data

• Custom plug-ins (such as grammar analyzer)

• Xpac features

Elastic has ticked all the boxes, so we are quite happy with our experience.

The result

After making the switch to Elastic Cloud, the benefits were immediately very apparent. The most critical one being the fact that the speed of a page’s response is now 20-40 milliseconds - 2,5 secs faster than with Azure search! This is one of the key factors for ecommerce.

We have also gained the ability to efficiently work with catalogs consisting of more than 20 million products in real time. The search result doesn’t depend on the volumes of data, which is a big plus for us and our clients, who often work with very extensive catalogs and databases.

We actively and successfully utilize the search, Kibana, Xpac, and Cloud in our day-to-day operation and are very pleased with the easy maintenance and configuration. The initial setup was easy and once set up, it works just fine without any additional adjustments - it’s a ready out-of-the-box solution.

Our clients and partners appreciate the relevant search results with the search by keyword. Processing typos work much better, faster and are more accurate. Elastic Search also offers very accurate suggestions and allows for very fine customization for special requests (i.e. language options – in our case Swedish, Norwegian, Russian, Chinese).

One of our partners Estate Spain .com has also noted the great advantage of the object search using geolocation that allows it to support geo quarries. This enhances the experience of its users immensely.

Overall Elastic Cloud is currently the most complete solution that combines the advantages of Elastic Search and Azure Search. It also seems to be the most budget-friendly option.

So far, we have a very positive overall impression!