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Virto Commerce is now integrated with Marketo

Virto Commerce is now integrated with Marketo

We have recently released our newly created VirtoCommerce.Marketo module.

The great thing about this new addition is that it provides integration with Marketo Marketing Service making it easy and convenient to gather your new leads, rate them and follow up with continuous nurturing.

The new module automatically creates and updates leads for you when contacts are created in Virto Commerce. This way no leads will ever get missed or lost in the everyday hassle.

You can download the module from our GitHub Repository, make sure to follow the installation guide provided.

Once installed, simply go to Marketo module settings and configure URL, Client Id and Client Secret (you can get those values, using the guide provided with the module). Register new user on Virto Commerce storefront, then check Marketo leads database. New leads should appear there.