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Migrating VirtoCommerce from previous 2.x versions to 2.11

On local file system

  • Make new platform installation and leave old database connection string.
  • Make new storefront installation
  • (Optional) If you have some changes in CMS content you need to copy it to 2.11 platform /App_Data/cms-content folder:


{storefront 2.x path}\STOREFRONT\VirtoCommerce.Storefront\App_Data\Themes*.*

excluding default folder


{platform 2.11 path}\VirtoCommerce.Platform.Web\App_Data\cms-content.

On Microsoft Azure cloud

  • Make new platform deployment to azure to new or already exist resource group without sample data (in sample data installation setup wizard step click None)
  • For newly deployed platform version 2.11 set database connection string, just copy the database connection string from a previous VC 2.x application settings

  • Make new storefront deployment to new or already exist resource group