In the Quest for the Right Digital Commerce Platform, Flexibility is Key

Every enterprise striving for B2B success needs to select the right e-commerce platform

If you read this, you probably understand the basics: an e-commerce platform has become a must if you intend to grow in digital commerce. And this no longer only applies to the retail industry anymore, but also in B2B there is a need to transform your business digitally. Today, every enterprise that strives for business-to-business success should look for the right e-commerce platform.

An e-commerce platform that suits your needs

Whether it is about commercial expansion, building a loyal customer base, or facilitating self-service, it is vital to find an e-commerce system that fits your enterprise business like a glove. Take Amazon, for example. What started in 1995 as a small online bookstore has grown into one of the leading international players, booking $87.4 billion in revenue by 2019. To boost your business —or even give it the breathing room it needs to grow— you need to jump on the bandwagon.

But even though the necessity is clear as day, choosing an e-commerce platform that fits your needs is no easy task. Over the last two decades, the surge in demand for e-commerce platforms has led to a surplus of different technology options and providers. If you do not have an e-commerce platform yet, this may make you feel overwhelmed or unsure about which path to choose.

The boundaries of your current platform

If you have a current system, you might be faced with its limitations and may be looking to re-platform. After all, not all e-commerce platforms are created equal. Some systems do not allow a swift integration with third-party tools. Others might not allow to enough to match the growth path of your business. Others require significant investments before you even get started.

The road to finding the right platform is full of potential pitfalls. You might be tempted to opt for a platform that offers a quick answer to current needs, without considering a long-term strategy or future expectations. Or you might be blinded by temporary considerations, such as cost or convenience, rather than more permanent factors such as scalability or changing customer demand.

The right flexible and scalable platform

To avoid these pitfalls, you are better off opting for an e-commerce solution that is flexible and easily adjustable. The ideal platform allows you to start small and grow organically at your own pace. Thanks to a smooth API integration of third-party tools and the modular architecture, you pick and mix the tools you need—without it affecting the rest of the system. This way, you can scale or change course if needed, and be more agile in your response to the ever-changing needs and demands of both your clients and the market.
Choosing the right platform enables you to seamlessly adapt whenever needed, without having to radically alter your current way of working or making substantial investments in infrastructure that are not right for you. Get started, grow at your own pace, and adjust your strategy along the way.
Curious about the common pitfalls in your search for the right digital commerce platform? Check our infographic or read more on the topic in our comprehensive white paper.

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Ilse Lauwens
Director Marketing