A More Flexible and Extensible Solution to Improve B2B Commerce to Solve Pain Points

Virto Commerce, the leading provider of digital commerce software, sees a surge of momentum with several clients selecting the Virto Commerce platform to replace their previous solutions and transform their B2C and B2B digital commerce sites.

Manufacturers and distributors worldwide are selecting Virto Commerce for their digital commerce solutions after rigorous evaluations of a variety of vendors. These digital commerce thought-leaders shared their B2B and B2C commerce selection criteria, indicating that their main pain points included finding a commerce platform that is flexible, customizable, and extensible to meet their current goals as well as their future goals. After going through previous unsuccessful e-commerce implementations using another platform, digital commerce leaders indicated that they are approaching an e-commerce platform selection with several lessons learned and first-hand knowledge of pitfalls to avoid. For each of them, they indicated that Virto Commerce was the clear choice to suit their needs.

New Virto Commerce clients in 2019 include Lavazza by Bluespresso, Standaard Boekhandel, Natrol and De Klok Dranken.

“We are delighted to see the market momentum as companies worldwide migrate to Virto Commerce for their digital commerce platforms,” said Alexander Siniouguine, CEO and Founder of Virto Commerce. “Digital commerce is a critical element of digital transformation, and we see companies making a strategic shift to build the long-term commerce platforms to serve their customers better, own the channel relationships, and drive revenue.”

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Ilse Lauwens
linkedin icon Director Marketing