How B2B eCommerce Drives your ROI

Over the next 5 years, B2B e-commerce is projected to experience the largest growth in the field of e-commerce. Therefore, it will be crucial for B2B businesses to invest in an agile solution that will help them tackle today’s challenges, and grow along with the company. But how exactly do you measure the impact of such an investment? B2B e-commerce is booming. One of the main causes of this trend is that more and more millennials are involved in B2B purchase decision-making. Millennials who – when it comes to B2C – are already used to online shopping experiences that arepersonalized, mobile-friendly, and effortless. Yet, to successfully attract customers, B2B businesses have to face a unique set of challenges. Most companies do not sell their products directly to the end customer, and all of them have to deal with complex and extensive sales processes. Moreover, many are concerned that making the leap to B2B e-commerce may cause a channel conflict or, worse, jeopardize existing relations. With these challenges in mind, we understand why B2B businesses feel hesitant about venturing into the virtual unknown. Or why their number one question is: How do I measure the ROI of my B2B e-commerce? Will it be worth the investment? The short answer – yes. Our e-book will show you exactly why and how. >> Download your free e-book

The future of B2B e-commerce is agile

Yet, in order to harvest the full potential of B2B e-commerce and maximize your ROI, your business requires more than a one-size-fits-all software monolith.

When you implement an agile and modular approach to your B2B e-commerce strategy, it becomes an organic digital extension that will grow along with your company’s future business needs. As such, your B2B e-commerce will enable you to…

  • Reach, attract, and serve new buyers by tapping into market segments you hadn’t actively targeted before.
  • Generate incremental revenue from existing customers through up-selling and cross-selling, as well as increase the customer lifetime value.
  • Reduce the costs related to marketing campaigns, as you can now target buyers directly.
  • Automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks. When aligned effectively, your e-commerce will significantly reduce the risk of human error and help your sales and marketing teams to focus on what truly matters: your buyer.

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