Virto Commerce 2.0 - May 11

Here is our plan for the next Development Sprint scheduled to be completed on May 11. The sprint is about 3 weeks at the end of which we’ll have some new functionality available. Below is description of those new features. You can also let us know what you want to see in platform by posting it here:

Platform Improvements

  • Blank Platform - provide a clean slate that contains just basic elements of platform including module management, security
  • Solution Structure Refactoring - some reorganizations to separate core modules from extension modules, changes to how dependency injection is implemented
  • Commerce Module Platform - provide an ecommerce solution that includes all modules necessary to run and manage online stores
  • AngularJS UI Refactoring - improvements to views and controls, enabling pinning blades
  • Modularity Improvements - handling dependencies, package format simplifications, package generation, UI improvements to how modules are managed (support search, IIS Restart, sorting, etc)


  • Dynamic Content - implement expression builder, integrate placeholders and examples to default frontend theme
  • Promotions - integrate new engine in frontend store (cart, browsing, coupons, gifts). Usage tracking, Gift cards, performance optimization and caching, support for marketing events

Price Lists

  • Price List Expressions - implement ability to define expressions for pricelists to allow to define how lists are assigned


  • Define minimum module permissions
  • Adding description fields to roles and permissions
  • Permission checking for UI elements


  • SEO (URL generation) - integrate correct URL routing for products, categories and stores
  • Multi Store Selector - implement ability to change store in the frontend
  • Payment Methods Integration
  • Search and Filtering
  • Download Digital Products
  • Shipping Methods Integration in Checkout
  • Adding description fields to roles and permissions
  • Permission checking for UI elements


  • MailChimp - simple integration with email marketing
  • Google Marketplace - provide ability to export products to google shopping
  • Zapper
  • Zendesk


  • Shipping Methods - integration with frontend and setup in multi store environment
  • Jobs and Background Process - UI for managing long running jobs
  • Search Indexing - UI for monitoring search indexing in real time
  • Dashboard - new controls for dashboard UI
  • Notification System - new notification system based on SignalR
  • Catalog Import/Export - UI
  • Products Publishing- control when products are published
  • Documentation - creating and customizing store, installing and deploying store in Microsoft Azure Cloud and on-premise
  • App Store - we launching new apps store where us and our partners can publish platform modules/extensions