VirtoCommerce 2.11 Release Notes

The main focus of this release was the development process change and related source code redesign.

Modules management

Many changes were made to modules management UI:

The main modules data source is the (online) module registry. All module versions will be stored there since the 2.11 release. Now you can install or update a VC module instantly after its release and add it to the registry.

Check for more info on Modules management tutorial.

Source code repository restructure

The repository structure has changed dramatically. The vc-platform repository on GitHub was split into multiple repositories having clear and concrete purposes:

  • Only a clean VirtoCommerce Platform was left in the vc-platform repository.
  • Storefront website now resides on its own vc-storefront repository.
  • Every logical module was isolated from the Platform (and other modules) to its own repository (vc-module-catalog, vc-module-store, vc-module-cart to name a few).

Future releases and versioning

2.11 is the last version to release VC Platform, Storefront and Commerce modules all at once and while keeping the identical version number. We'll be delivering "feature based" releases more often so deployers will receive changes and features more quickly.

The version numbers of VC parts should diverge over time.

Documentation updates

Some new articles appeared on our documentation site covering the long awaited topics for developers:

Articles reviewed and updated:

Migration to ver. 2.11

Migrate your own modules to 2.11 as described in - coming soon:)