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Virto Commerce demo is available!

Try alpha 1 version of Virto Commerce!

We are excited to announce that the first alpha version of Virto Commerce is now available:

Some highlights about he demo:

  • runs fully in azure cloud
  • uses scalable and powerful search engine
  • includes permissions based rich client (downloadable software)
  • catalog management and pricing are completely independent
  • includes marketing tools for dynamic (ad) rendering
  • intuitive promotion expression builder
  • many more features ... and we will be adding even more before the beta release

What's next?

In the near future we will

  • release SDK package that you can download and install in your local environment or you own azure cloud instance
  • announce pricing
  • release beta (right now scheduled for april)

If you want a personalized demo of Virto Commerce please contact us!

Please send us your feedback!