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Webcast: Virto Commerce Open Source Enterprise eCommerce Platform Overview

As an eCommerce market is growing, more merchants are considering an eCommerce strategy as the crucial one for their business. While small merchants have plenty of great options to choose from such as Shopify or Magento Community, bigger merchants are still looking for a comprehensive eCommerce framework. Small merchants prefer 80% out-of-the-box, while large ones need a product that allows rapid customization while maintaining great performance.

We’ve designed Virto Commerce with this in mind. It’s an open source, enterprise-level eCommerce platform, optimized to run in Windows Azure as well as on-premise. As an eCommerce Consultant or Developer building the e-store you have to create a unique shopping experience for your customers’ visitors. And the eCommerce platform you choose will deliver a significant share of that experience.

During this webcast you will learn what's wrong with current products in the market, and how Virto Commerce is set to address these issues for you. We'll discuss how you can differentiate yourself in the eCommerce market while providing a best-in-class solutions for your customers. The agenda will include both - overview of Virto Commerce Framework itself and one of its recent lighthouse case studies - a store with more than 2M unique monthly visitors, the leader in its segment.

There will be 4 webcasts conducted on the 9th and 10th of October

You can get an invitation to these webcasts here