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The DevOps will be responsible for design, implementation and optimization of continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing and continuous monitoring.

This role includes a variety of tasks such are:

  • Optimize & automate deployment with the use of cloud services.
  • Collaborate with development and IT teams for product quality improvement in dev, test and production environments.
  • Evaluate results, debug and optimize complex builds, discuss and resolve technical issues with the project team.
  • Automate routine processes.
  • Participate in development of new product architecture, implement new services and technologies.

What Do We Require?


  • Jenkins, VSTS, Docker, Kubernetes.
  • Continuous integration, build&release management and automated test frameworks.
  • Scripting (PowerShell, bash, Groovy).
  • Linux and Windows environments.
  • Microsoft Azure; AWS and Google Cloud is an advantage.

What Do We Offer?

At VirtoCommerce, we appreciate the importance of having a solid development structure. We ensure that our people have access to the training and mentoring they need to be the best at what they do. We constantly strive to improve our working environment as well as providing everyone with the tools and applications they need to do their roles effectively. The well-being of the team is central to our success.

You will work in a growing company in a high-tech and digital environment within a small and friendly high professional team in a remote office.

You will have broad possibilities for personal, professional growth.

The remuneration is based on your experience and commitment and you will be offered competitive compensation and flexible terms.

Who Are We? We Are Virto Commerce!

Virto Commerce, founded in 2011 by industry experts, is a leading provider of B2B digital commerce solutions. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, the company serves more than 100 companies worldwide and has offices in five countries, including the Americas and Europe. Virto Commerce’s flagship product, the ecommerce cloud-based, open-source, .NET platform, is the only B2B-first headless digital commerce solution that is specifically designed to adapt to ever-changing complex scenarios common in the B2B market.

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