Open digital commerce ecosystem

The overview

Why should we think about ecosystem when selecting e-commerce solution?

Enterprises use many different software to support digital commerce

Nowadays each enterprise works with a very complicated enterprise digital infrastructure that contains multiple applications of all kinds: eCommerce, ERP, AI, marketing, CRM...

E-commerce solution must be designed to work in enterprise digital ecosystem

eCommerce solution must be easily embedded into enterprise digital ecosystem and easily transformed together with it aligning to business strategy.

Global digital commerce ecosystem evolution

Why do we talk about ecosystem?

Since the moment of digital commerce appearance we see the growing specialization of related software.

The following trends are visible:​

  • new software appears that is more and more granular in terms of functionality​
  • no software vendors that can cover the entire digital ecosystem with its software; the core might be perfect, the rest whould be ​quite trivial
  • highly specified software which can be easily embedded into any context is a trend visible for everyone and mentioned as a main tendency by top consulters

Discover how Virto Commerce solves enterprise ecosystem integration challenges

Ecommerce role in a new world

What does it mean for enterprise digital commerce?

Companies build their own ecosystems trying to use the best in bread niche software for each function.

E-commerce solution should be ready to solve this challenge:

  • intgrate or replace any function with the other niche software solution
  • allow to connect any touchpoint to provide seamless omnichannel experience
  • have enterprise level permissions management to guarantee data security

This challenges are resolved by Virto Commerce due to being API-baed e-commerce solution that was designed as a part of a digital echosystem.

Ecosystem: business focused instead of vendor focused

Don't make your business a hostage of the software vendor

Business focused enterprise software
  • Open to integrate with the software that fits the business best
  • No pressure to use the software from the same vendor
  • Allows to integrate seamlessly with the best-of-breed solutions
  • Integrations with any software are cheap and riskless
Vendor focused
  • Friendly to integrate with own software only
  • Position "out-of-the-box" integrations with own software as advantage
  • Does not allow to use seamlessly external best-of-breed soltions
  • Integration with the software of other vendors is expensive and risky
  • Does not allow to replace dedicated functions with the external software (pricing, promos etc.)
  • Limits customer with usage or innovative services

Why it is so valuable for business?

Integrate or replace any function

You can collect a set of niche solutions that fits you business model bes of all without any vendor lock from the vendor side:

  • PIM
  • CRM
  • AI recommentation systems
  • Marketing segmentation
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Data assets management
  • External catalogs
  • Marketing email engine
  • Data warehose solutions
  • Payment prodviders
  • Shippment providers
  • Custom quotes solutions
  • Reporting systems
  • Document management system
Connect to any channel

Ture omnichannel experience is build on seamless integration of different multiple channels

  • Multiple websites
  • Mobile
  • Chat bots
  • Offlie stores
  • IoT
  • API
  • Conversational commerce
  • Marketplaces
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Customer support
Give to your customer everything he needs in one place

Increase customer loyalty by delivering to him any piece of data he needs to the channel he likes

  • Order complectation status
  • Contract approval status
  • Actual contract status
  • Reports on purchesing by categories
  • Access to user activities log
  • Yearly reconciliation details
  • Support interaction history
  • Payment history
  • Invoices
  • API access to product data
  • Quotes requests interface
  • Deals in progress
  • Stocks forecast by product
  • Demand forecast by product

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