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Deploy Storefront from source code


Use this guide to deploy and configure Virto Commerce Storefront from source code and setup development environment.

Source code getting started


Prerequisites for .NET Core on Windows

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable (required for SCSS engine)

Downloading source code

Fork your own copy of VirtoCommerce Storefront to your account on GitHub:

  1. Open VirtoCommerce Storefront in GitHub and click Fork in the upper right corner. If you are a member of an organization on GitHub, select the target for the fork.
  2. Clone the forked repository to local machine:
    git clone<<your GitHub user name>>/vc-storefront-core.git C:\vc-storefront-core
  3. Switch to the cloned directory:

cd C:\vc-storefront-core

  1. Add a reference to the original repository:

git remote add upstream

In result you should get the C:\vc-storefront-core folder which contains full storefront source code. To retrieve changes from original Virto Commerce Storefront repository, merge upstream/master branch.

Configuring VirtoCommerce Platform Endpoint

Set actual platform endpoint values in the C:\vc-storefront-core\VirtoCommerce.Storefront\appsettings.json. Read more about how to generate API keys here

  "VirtoCommerce": {
    "Endpoint": {
       //Virto Commerce platform manager url
      "Url": "http://localhost/admin",
       //HMAC authentification user credentials on whose behalf the API calls will be made.
      "AppId": "Enter your AppId here"
      "SecretKey": "Enter your SecretKey here",
ASP.NET Core represents a new tools a Secret Manager tool, which allows in development to keep secrets out of your code. You can find more about them here

Configure themes

Storefront appsettings.json file contains ContentConnectionString setting with pointed to the folder with actual themes and pages content

"ConnectionStrings": {
    //For themes stored in local file system
    "ContentConnectionString": "provider=LocalStorage;rootPath=~/cms-content"
    //For themes stored in azure blob storage
    //"ContentConnectionString" connectionString="provider=AzureBlobStorage;rootPath=cms-content;DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=yourAccountName;AccountKey=yourAccountKey"
You can set this connection string in one of the following ways: 1. If you have already have installed platform with sample data, your platform already contains ~/App_Data/cms-content folder with themes for sample stores and you need only to make symbolic link to this folder by this command:
mklink /d C:\vc-storefront-core\VirtoCommerce.Storefront\wwwroot\cms-content C:\vc-platform\VirtoCommerce.Platform.Web\App_Data\cms-content
2. If you did not install sample data with your platform, you need to create new store in platform manager and download themes as it described in this article Theme development

Host on Windows with IIS

VirtoCommerce.Storefront project already include the web.config file with all necessary settings for runing in IIS. How to configure IIS application to host ASP.NET Core site please learn more in the official Microsoft ASP.NET Core documentation Host ASP.NET Core on Windows with IIS

Last update: June 18, 2020