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Creating module packages


Module package is a distributable piece of software that can be installed in VirtoCommerce Platform. Technically, module package is a ZIP archive containing module manifest and other module content:

Modules can beВ unmanaged (JavaScript only) or managed (containing .NET assemblies).

Create an unmanaged module package

For pure JavaScript modules you can use your favorite ZIP archiver: navigate to the folder containing module.manifest and archive all the necessary files / folders.

Create a managed module package

Managed modules should be created by using a special Powershell command in Visual Studio (VS).

Preparing the project

The following steps are needed only once per module.В Skip this paragraph if your module has the reference to VirtoCommerce.Module library.

  • Open Package Manager Console in VS having your new module project loaded (Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console);
  • In the "Default project" list select the module project (the one with module.manifest file);
  • Install VirtoCommerce.ModuleВ package (execute command:В Install-Package VirtoCommerce.Module). More info on the package:
  • readme.txt is displayed after the package installation is completed.

The module is ready to be build as a package.

Building the module package

Execute these steps every time when you need the module package to be created / updated:

Open and build the moduleВ project in VS;If need, update the module version (in module.manifest)В and build again;Open Package Manager Console (Tools -> NuGet Package Manager -> Package Manager Console);In the "Default project" list select the module project (the one with module.manifest file);Execute command:В Compress-Module

The module package is created in the project directory.

Last update: June 18, 2020