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Mobile Starter Kit. Getting started


Use this guide to setup development environment for Virto Commerce Mobile Starter kit and showcasing it publicly.


Visual Studio 2015 configuration

Required VS2015 compenents are not installed by "typical installation". Run VS2015 installer and make sure Cross Platform Mobile Development > HTML/JavaScript component is installed.

Ionic command line utility (CLI)

Install the Ionic CLI

npm install -g ionic

Getting source code

The Virto Commerce Mobile Starter kit source code is currently available to partners and customers only. Contact us for more info on how to get the mobile starter kit:В contact-us.

Develop with Starter kit

  • Open theВ VirtoCommerce.Mobile.slnВ solution. (VS2015 should restore the required npm and bower packages in background automatically).
  • Serve the app for testing:В Go to the root directory of Mobile Starter kitВ source code in command prompt. Type:

    ionic serve --lab
    The site http://localhost:8100/ionic-lab opens in browser with iOS and Android devices emulated.

  • Check and test the app running: Application running in Ionic Lab

  • Can minimize, but don't close the command prompt.
  • Start modifying source codeВ files under www folder. All updates to html and js will be automatically synchronized in browser.

The project is preconfigured to use demo data from You can switch to any other Virto Commerce Platform data source by changing the Ionic CLI service proxy in the project file. (Don't forget to point to storefront REST API url like '').

Setting Virto Commerce PlatformВ locally.

Showcase your app to everyone

The simplest and quickest way to showcase your new point of sale app is to publish it on Ionic View. Step-by-step guide on uploading and viewing an app with Ionic View:

Check out Mobile Starter kit app in action

A preconfiguredВ Mobile Starter kit app is already available for your testing at Ionic View. Check for instructions at our Mobile Starter app page.

Last update: June 18, 2020