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Managing Module Settings


VirtoCommerce WebAdmin provides the following infrastructure for settings: * Standard UIВ accessible through Browse > Settings > Module * Web API * ISettingsManager interface for managed modules * Database storage

Standard UI

Standard UI allows to view and edit simple settings.

Each module can add settings to a standard UI by declaring them in the module manifest.

    <group name="General">
        <description>Select one of the allowed values</description>
Element Description
settings The root element for all settings. Can contain multiple group elements.
group name="..." Defines a named group of settings. Can contain multiple setting elements.
setting Defines a setting
name The system name of the setting. It is recommended to give names like this: ModuleId.SettingsCategoryName.SettingName. For Example,В VirtoCommerce.Core.Security.LockoutDuration, where VirtoCommerce.Core is the module ID, Security is the settings category name and LockoutDuration is the setting name.
valueType The type of the value. Supported types are: string - for short text (up to 512 characters); secureString - for short text masked with asterisks or circles in UI; text - for long text (longer than 512 characters); integer; decimal; boolean
allowedValues [Optional] Defines a list of allowed values. Can contain multiple value elements. User can select one of the values in standard UI.
defaultValue Defines the default value which will be returned by GetValue() method if the value has not been stored in database yet.
title The user friendly name of the setting which is shown in standard UI.
description The description of the setting which is shown in standard UI as tooltip.


GETВ api/platform/settings/values/MyStringSetting

POSTВ api/platform/settings

[ { Name: "MyStringSetting",В Value: "abc",В ValueType: "string" },В { Name: "MyIntegerSetting",В Value: "123",В ValueType: "integer" }В ]


Managed code can use the following methods of ISettingsManager:

T GetValue<T>(string name, T defaultValue)
void SetValue<T>(string name, T value)

GetValue will return the first available value in the following order:

value stored in databasedefault value declared in module manifestdefault value passed as the parameter

using Microsoft.Practices.ServiceLocation;
using VirtoCommerce.Platform.Core.Settings;
var settingsManager = ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<ISettingsManager>();
var integerValue = settingsManager.GetValue("MyIntegerSetting", 0);
var decimalValue = settingsManager.GetValue("MyDecimalSetting", 0m);
var booleanValue = settingsManager.GetValue("MyBooleanSetting", false);
var stringValue = settingsManager.GetValue("MyStringSetting", string.Empty);
settingsManager.SetValue("MyDecimalSetting", 1.23m);

Last update: June 18, 2020