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Bundling and minification


Bundling is a technique you can use to improve request load time. Bundling improves load time by reducing the number of requests to the server (assets such as CSS and JavaScript will be combined to single file per file format).

How bundling and minification works

How to add bundle to layout

{% raw %}{{ 'bundle/scripts.js' | static_asset_url | append_version | script_tag }}{% endraw %}
* static_asset_url means that this file is static content of site * script_tag or stylesheet_tag will generate
<script ... >
<link rel="stylesheet" ... >
* append_version is used to correctly invalidate browser cache for bundles. It calculate hash of file and append it as part of query string in url. Make sure that it's added after static_content_url (or other url filter), not after script_tag, stylesheet_tag (or other html tags).

Bundling and minification process workflow

When you run the default task to bundle & minify theme, the following happens: 1. ESLint runs and output warnings and errors in javascript code. 2. Javascript minifies and source maps generates. 3. CSS processes by Autoprefixer with the following browsers support (documentation may be sometimes outdated; browser versions specified in gulpfile then specified in docs, not vice versa). 4. CSS minifies and source maps generates.

Bundling and minification flowchart

IDE configuration

Visual Studio (any version)

Bundling & minification will work automatically when you save file and on build.

Visual Studio Code

Bundling & minification will work automatically on build. If you want to automatically bundle & minify files on save, please, install & configure Blade Runnner Visual Studio Code extension.

Other editors


gulp watch
on command line if you want to bundle & minify files on save or run
gulp default
manually when you need to bundle & minify theme files.


Each time you get theme sources from git or when you change dependencies in bower.json, you need to run the task

gulp packJavaScript
that bundles 3rd party dependencies.

Tips & tricks

Attention: while theme including bundlesconfig.json file, you must not use Bundler & Minifier Visual Studio extension with theme. We're using gulp to bundle & minify files on theme, because it support a lot of possible customizations and has a plugins for css minification and correct source maps generation. Wrong source map generation and lack of css minification is a primary reason why we do not use Bundler & Minifier extension in Visual Studio.

Tip: if bundling & minification failed, you, probably, need to run gulp watch task manually after that. In Visual Studio, go to Task Runner Explorer and click Run on task watch. In Visual Studio Code go to Command Palette (Ctrl+Shift+P) and type

task watch
then press Enter.

The following gulp tasks available to you: 1. default: default task. Bundles and minifies theme files. 2. clean: removes bundled & minified files. 3. lint: runs eslint to check for warnings & errors in javascript files. Look at eslint site for details. 4. min and min:js, min:css, min:html: minify all or specified types of files. 6. watch: watching to any changes on bundled & configuration files and update bundles when any change occurs. 7. compress: creates zip package with all needed files to deploy theme on storefront. 8. packJavaScript: creates scripts_dependencies.js bundle for all 3rd party dependencies defined in bower.json.

Last update: June 18, 2020