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Liquid tags are the programming logic that tells templates what to do. Tags are wrapped in: {% raw %} {% %} {% endraw %}

Certain tags, such as for andВ cycle can take on parameters. Details for each parameter can be found in their respective sections.

Tags can be broken down to four categories: * Control Flow Tags * Iteration Tags * Theme Tags * Variable Tags

Creating your own tags

To create a new tag, simply inherit from DotLiquid.Tag and register your tag with DotLiquid.Template inside EngineConfig.cs file.

public class Random : DotLiquid.Tag
    private int _max;
    public override void Initialize(string tagName, string markup, List<string> tokens)
        base.Initialize(tagName, markup, tokens);
        _max = Convert.ToInt32(markup);

    public override void Render(Context context, TextWriter result)
        result.Write(new Random().Next(_max).ToString());

Template template = Template.Parse(" {% raw %}{% random 5 %}{% endraw %}");
template.Render(); // => "3"

Last update: June 18, 2020