Create Refund

Refunding can be initiated on order of state Completed. Sample code:

varВ itemVMВ =В Container.Resolve<ICreateRefundViewModel>(newВ ParameterOverride("item",В InnerItem),В newВ ParameterOverride("defaultAmount",В decimal.Zero));
varВ confirmationВ =В newВ ConditionalConfirmation();
confirmation.TitleВ =В "CreateВ Refund";
confirmation.ContentВ =В itemVM;
CommonOrderWizardDialogInteractionRequest.Raise(confirmation,В xВ =>
  ifВ (x.Confirmed)

An instance ofВ ICreateRefundViewModelВ is resolved. Passing required parameters:

  • item - Order with OrderForms/Payments properties initialized;
  • defaultAmountВ - initial amount to display in UI.

Actual refund payment is submited inside theВ ICreateRefundViewModelВ wizard. IOrderService.CreatePaymentВ service method is used for actual payment transaction. Sample code for initiating aВ CreditCardPayment:

varВ paymentВ =В newВ OrdersModel.CreditCardPayment();
switchВ (InnerModel.RefundOption)
  caseВ "original":
  caseВ "manual":
    payment.PaymentMethodIdВ =В InnerModel.NewPaymentSource.PaymentMethodName;
    payment.PaymentTypeВ =В OrdersModel.PaymentType.CreditCard.GetHashCode();

    varВ initialPaymentВ =В InnerModel.Order.OrderForms[0].Payments
      .Where(xВ =>В x.PaymentMethodIdВ ==В payment.PaymentMethodId)
      .OrderByDescending(xВ =>В x.Created).First();
    payment.ValidationCodeВ =В initialPayment.ValidationCode;
    payment.AuthorizationCodeВ =В initialPayment.AuthorizationCode;
    payment.OrderFormIdВ =В initialPayment.OrderFormId;
payment.AmountВ =В InnerModel.Amount;
payment.PaymentIdВ =В payment.GenerateNewKey();
payment.TransactionTypeВ =В OrdersModel.TransactionType.Credit.ToString();

varВ orderServiceВ =В ServiceLocator.Current.GetInstance<IOrderService>();
  varВ paymentResultВ =В orderService.CreatePayment(payment);

AВ CreatePaymentResultВ class instance is returned as aВ CreatePayment() method result. It contains payment creating (processing) details:

  • IsSuccess - true, if payment was created successfully;
  • Message - error message or null if payment was createdВ successfully;
  • TransactionId - transaction confirmation number.

If operation succeeded, payments list should be updated in GUI.

Last update: June 18, 2020