Editing customer details

When viewing case details, users can switch to customer edit mode and make any modifications of customer details. Just click customer's name to switch to this tab.

In this tab it is allowed to change customer details such as:

  • Emails (customer can have more than one email, one of them is set as primary one and used for contact, alerts and newsletter);
  • Phone (number of customer's phone);
  • Addresses (customer can use different addresses for shipping);
  • Tags (use them to differentiate customers, for instance "new", "vip", "partnership" and etc.);
  • Language (customer's localization options);
  • Time zone (time zone of a customer can be useful for email and sms newsletters);
  • Birthday (also can be used for birthday newsletters and promo).

Here you can also leave an internal note (for instance, mark this customer as to make call to and etc.)

Last update: June 18, 2020