Viewing cases

All customers' cases created within the Virto Commerce Manager are displayed when you open "Customer Service" block.

The data fields of the cases:

  • Channel - the way this case was initiated (internal, from e-mail and etc);
  • Subject - a brief description of the case;
  • Customer - a customer this case is related to;
  • Status (open, pending, resolved) - the state of an issue according to its nearness of resolution;
  • Modified - the date and time when the case was edited;
  • Assigned - a user of Virto Commerce Manager whom ths case is assigned.

When there is a too large list of cases, use special filters on the right to search for the required case. This way you can view unresolved cases or cases that are not assigned to anyone yet. The graet meaning for using of this commerce manager block refers to the workflow applied in the customer service department. For instance, it does matters who will have to search for unassigned cases and assign them to CSRs, control unresolved cases and etc.

From this page cases can beВ taken. This means that a user assigns himself as responsible for this case and has to make a resolution. Just use "Take" button after click on a required case (or multiple cases).

only open or unassigned cases can be taken.

Last update: June 18, 2020