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Adding, Editing and Removing Items in the Shipment

Adding Items to the Shipment

To add an item into a shipment, open Details tab and use "Add" button. In the add shipment item dialog select catalog where the item will be taken ordered from, define the SKU with help of Search function and then add item from the full list to the cart list.

Editing Items in the Shipment

To edit an item in the shipment, choose it in the list of shipment items and use "Move" button.

The actions you can do with shipment items:

  • Move to another shipment;
  • Choose another shipping address;
  • Change shipment method;
  • Change quantity.

Removing Items from the Shipment

To remove an item from a shipment, choose item that you nned to remove and use "Remove" button.

Last update: June 18, 2020