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Refund is a special type of payment when money is transferred back to a buyer. Typically a refund is initiated as a consequence of an item return.В It's also possible to issue a refundВ because of other reasons, without a return.В Refund must be credited to the purchase medium used in the original purchase.В In special situations, you may issue a refund to a new payment source. For example, if the buyer used a now-expired credit card for the purchase, you may issue the refund to a new credit card.

Creating a refund

To create a refund, you must have appropriate permission and theВ order must be in a status of Complete.

Steps to create refund:

  1. Open Orders module, select an Order from the list andВ open it.
  2. Click Refund button inside Summary tab.В 
  3. A 2-step wizard appears. Enter refund amount, select a refund option: original source or a new credit card:
  4. Fill all new credit card data if Refund to a new credit card was chosen.
  5. Click Next. In the next step of the wizard carefully recheck the payment data and click Submit to issue the payment.
  6. Payment data is processed and operation result is displayed shortly. If the transaction succeeded, the Back button disappears and Finish button gets enabled. All data is saved, a new payment is added to the list inside the order Payments tab. Click Finish. An example of successful transaction:
  7. A payment could fail because of various reasons. In such case the error message is displayed:
  8. Click Back to correct the payment data or CancelВ to withdraw.

Last update: June 18, 2020