Viewing Payment Details

Every order in the Virto Commerce manager includes "Payments" tab that contains payment history and summary. Go to an order details and open "Payments" tab to view payment details.

  • Payment method - the way transaction was made through (credit cards, electronic money, purchase orders, international payment systems, and etc. according to the list of payment methods accepted in your store.
  • Transaction type - type of operation according to cash flow (credit, sale, refund, store bonuses accointing and etc.)
  • Amount - the sum of transaction in applied currency.
  • Status - the state of transaction (failed, completed, in progress and etc.)

Besides the list of transaction here you can find summary information with total order cost, paid sum and balance due.

The information in this order tab can be used by a CSR, for instance when a customer wishes to find out the reason why the order is not being processed yet. This may be occurred by failed payment transaction. In this case the CSR may refer to a specialist who is charge of payment control in the store to resolve the issue.

Last update: June 18, 2020