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Return / Exchange


A positive experience delivered to a customer determines whether that customer will come back or not. Online shop can enhance the user experience prior to purchase but focus on the post-purchase experience is the most important part in keeping the quality of service at satisfactory levels.В Commerce Manager users may perform returns from Orders module and returns are processed in Fulfillment module.

User must have an appropriate permissions to createВ a return or exchange.В The system automatically creates a unique code, called the Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) code, for all such transactions. Typically, the RMA number is recorded on the physical return to assistВ fulfillmentВ center employees in matching the receipt of the return to the correct customer account.

Create return

To create a Return, user must have appropriate permission and theВ order must be in a status of Complete.В Steps to create a return:В 

  1. OpenВ OrdersВ module, select anВ Order from the list andВ open it.
  2. Click CreateВ returnВ button insideВ SummaryВ tab.
  3. A 2-step wizard appears. Items in the order list contains bought items with quantities. Items to return list contains returning items:
  4. Select an item from the list and press button. Tip:В alternatively can double-click on item.
  5. A "Specify return data" dialog pops up:
  6. Specify Return quantity and ReasonВ fields.В Press OK to confirm.
  7. A new record is added toВ Items to returnВ list (or updated an exchsting one). It displays Quantity, Item name and return reason. Also the "Return summary" section underneath the list is updated:
  8. Enter Customer comment, if any.
  9. Click Next. "Adjust Return processing details" step is displayed:
  10. Total refund amount is repeated from previous step. User can specify whether a Physical return is required before refund. This option is checked by default.
  11. Click Finish. A new RMA request created is saved in DB automatically. Also, the Return / Exchange tab is activated.

Cancel return

RMA request processing can be canceled at any state except it's in state of Completed.В Steps to cancel:

  1. Select the right RMA request to cancel insideВ Return / Exchange tab.
  2. Click CancelВ button inside selectedВ RMA request. The return is set state of Canceled.

Complete return

RMA request processing can be completed if it's in a state ofВ AwaitingCompletion.В Steps to complete:

  1. Select the right RMA request to complete insideВ Return / ExchangeВ tab.
  2. ClickВ CompleteВ button inside selectedВ RMA request. If Refund is needed,В aВ "Create Refund for RMA Request" wizard is displayed. This is a "Create Refund" wizard with aВ Refund amountВ field set to RMA requestВ totalВ return amount initially:
  3. Follow RefundsВ instructions for completing the refund.
  4. If refunding succeeded, then:
  5. the RMA requestВ state is set to Completed;
  6. changes are saved;
  7. order payments list is updated.

Create exchange order

To create an exchange order, user must have an appropriate permission and the RMA request must be in a state of AwaitingStockReturn orВ AwaitingCompletion.В Steps to create an exchange order:

  1. Select the right RMA request to create an exchangeВ insideВ Return / ExchangeВ tab.
  2. Click Create Exchange OrderВ button inside selectedВ RMA request.
  3. A 2-step wizard "Create an exchange Order" appears. In the wizards step 1 select items (Products) to buy: Select catalog, enter search keyword and add items to a cart. Available itemsВ list contains (filtered) available items to buy. Items in the cartВ list contains current shopping cartВ items:

Last update: June 18, 2020