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Settings tabs

The "Settings" module of Virto Commerce Manager contains block of settings grouped in tabs by their meaning: Application, Customers, Stores, Content places, Fulfillment, Payments, Shipping, Taxes, Search.


In this settings tab Commerce Manager users can define general settings (which languages and currencies will be used in the store, which email will be used as default, options of return reasons that can be set by customers). System jobs applied for the store also defined in this tab. Here users can also adjust email templates used for newsletters and alerts, display templates and Localize Frontend to any of the available in the system languages.


The "Customers" tab contains settings applied for Customer Service block such as rules and concept of displaying customer service information and case types. These properties will be used for Customer Service block by CSRs.


With the help of "Stores" tab Virto Commerce Manager users can adjust stores used by the company, including their general information, localization settings, taxes, payments and other properties.

Content places

The content places are set in the "Content places" tab of "Settings" module. Content places set in this configuration tab can be selected in marketing module while creating dynamic content.


The "Fulfillment" tab contains the list of fulfillment centers including fulfillment center description and contact information. These settings can also be used later while adjustment process in "Marketing" module.


The list of payment gateways applied in the stores that are managed by Virto Commerce Manager are set in the "Payments" tab ofВ  "Settings" module. Here you can set which payment methods are active at the moment, which shipping methods can be selected in case of choosing these methods, what the localization settings are. This way you can manage all payment gateways applied in the store.


The "Shipping" tab is intended for managing and setting of shipping gateways available in the store. Since all shipment methods may differ from each other, every of them is fully set in this tab. Here users can adjust which shipping methods are available, what package options can be offered for them when users select a shipping method and what are the jurisdictions.


The taxes set up is performed in the "Taxes" tab. All the taxes applied in the store can be set in this block. Here users can manage the list of all taxes,В tax categories, jurisdictions and jurisdiction groups. Importing of taxes can also be executed in this section.

The "Search" tab is intended for the search settings set up to control the behavior of searching and catalog browsing, both in the storefront and in the Commerce Manager.

Last update: June 18, 2020