Create a content item

There are steps to create a content item

  • Go to Marketing module.
  • Select Dynamic content in the module blade.
  • Select Content items in the opening blade. In order toВ manage your content easily you should create a folder structure.В This structure like file system structure where files are content items.
  • Add a new folder for advertising contents by clicking on Add toolbar command.
  • Select "Content items folder" on the opening blade.
  • Type name and description. Click CreateВ button.
  • Go to created folder by clicking on it.
  • Add content itemВ by clicking on Add toolbar command.
  • Select "Content item" on the opening blade.
  • TypeВ name and description. Set "Content type" to "Html". Click CreateВ button.

Content item created. In order to set a content to the content item see "Add real advertising content" below the instruction.

Last update: June 18, 2020