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Product and variations

Managing products is the main scenario that results


Describe main entities definitions, navigation, indexation, etc.

Main Entities

Products and Variations are managed in Catalog module. Native VirtoCommerce functionality contains the following types:

Type Description
Product orderable item of merchandise for sale, can be used for targeted promotions, etc.
Variation orderable item existing as part of product

Relations between entities:

Type Relations
Product (many) products <-> (one) physical catalog; (many) products <-> (one) category; (many)products <-> (many) tags; (many) products <-> (many) properties;
Variation (many) variations <-> (one) product;

Where (many) entity1 <-> (one) entity2 means that entity1 can be related with only one entity2, and entity2 can have many relations with entity1.

Applying of properties and relations:

Type Description
Product property created in Catalog
Product property created in Category
Product property created in product
Variation property created in Catalog
Variation property created in Category
Variation property created in Variation

You can assign tags to Category. Tags help personalize pricing and access for users. Tags in Category have the same meaning as customer user groups.

The following policies exist for tag distribution:

Setting Description
TAGS DOWNTREE propagates all tags assigned to products for all their variations.
TAGS DOWNUP propagates tags up to hierarchy from descendants to parents.


Products and Variations are kept in the index. You need run Product Indexation to put into index their changes.

Atomic functions / scenarios

Description Module Link
How to create Product Catalog module
How to manage Product Catalog module
How to create Variation Catalog module
How to run indexation for products Search module
How to add properties for Product Catalog module
How to add tags for Product Catalog module
How to hide and show Product Catalog module
How to add Product description Catalog module
How to make Product available for subscription Subscription module
How to add timeframe for Product availability Catalog module

Code extensibility

Name Module Description Link
Extend Product Catalog module Add custom field

XAPI built-in scenarios

Following built-in business API scenarios can be used by front-end developers "as is" when create registration user experience

Name Description Link

User scenario examples

Name Description LInk
How to set access for users to Product Manage tag and user group relation

Last update: June 9, 2021