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Deploy storefront kit

Virto Commerce Storefront Kit is Official online shopping website based on VirtoCommerce Platform written on ASP.NET Core. The website is a client application for VC Platform and uses only public APIs while communicating.


If Platform and Storefront are deployed in the same on-premises environment, Storefront should be deployed on different port then Platform. You can do it by dotnet run CLI

Downloading the precomplied binaries

  • Navigate to the Releases section of Virto Commerce Storefront Kit in GitHub.

  • You will find file. In this file the site has already been built and can be run without additional compilation. The source code is not included.

  • Unpack this zip to a local directory C:\vc-storefront. After that you will have the directory with Storefront precompiled files.


Configure application strings

  • Open the appsettings.json file in a text editor.
  • In the Endpoint section change Url, UserName, Password with correct path and credentials for Virto Commerce Platform:
 "Endpoint": {
     "Url": "https://localhost:5001",
     "UserName": "admin",
     "Password": "store",

Configure CMS Content storage

Storefront appsettings.json file contains ContentConnectionString setting with pointed to the folder with actual themes and pages content

"ConnectionStrings": {
    //For themes stored in local file system
    "ContentConnectionString": "provider=LocalStorage;rootPath=~/cms-content"
    //For themes stored in azure blob storage
    //"ContentConnectionString" connectionString="provider=AzureBlobStorage;rootPath=cms-content;DefaultEndpointsProtocol=https;AccountName=yourAccountName;AccountKey=yourAccountKey"

You can set this connection string in one of the following ways:

  1. Build and Copy theme to wwwroot\cms-content\{StoreName}\{ThemeName}
  2. If you have already have installed platform with sample data, your platform already contains ~/wwwroot/cms-content folder with themes for sample stores and you need only to make symbolic link to this folder by this command:
    mklink /d C:\vc-storefront\VirtoCommerce.Storefront\wwwroot\cms-content C:\vc-platform-3\VirtoCommerce.Platform.Web\wwwroot\cms-content
    On Mac OS and Linux:
    ln -s ~/vc-storefront/wwwroot/cms-content ~/vc-platform-3/wwwroot/cms-content
  3. If you did not install sample data with your platform, you need to create new store in platform manager and download themes as it described in this article: Theme development

Running the Storefront only on HTTP schema

  • In order to run the platform only at HTTP schema in production mode, it's enough to pass only HTTP URLs in --urls argument of the dotnet command.
  dotnet VirtoCommerce.Storefront.dll --urls=http://localhost:5002

Running the Platform on HTTPS schema

  • Install and trust HTTPS certificate

Run to trust the .NET Core SDK HTTPS development certificate:

    dotnet dev-certs https --trust

Read more about enforcing HTTPS in ASP.NET Core

    dotnet VirtoCommerce.Storefront.dll --urls=https://localhost:4302/
  • Trust the .Net Core Development Self-Signed Certificate. More details on trusting the self-signed certificate can be found here

Sample themes

Default theme


B2B theme


Last update: April 26, 2021