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The documentation describes how to get notifications, templates and how to send.

How to register own notification

If you would like to register a notification e.g. 'SampleEmailNotification': 1. Create the notification with name 'SampleEmailNotification' and based on 'EmailNotification' (also there is a standard based class 'SmsNotification')

public class SampleEmailNotification : EmailNotification
    public SampleEmailNotification() : base(nameof(SampleEmailNotification)) {}
look at the code 1. Need to get a service INotificationRegistrar in PostInitialize method of Module.cs.
var registrar = appBuilder.ApplicationServices.GetService<INotificationRegistrar>();
1. Then to call a method RegisterNotification and set generic type as SampleEmailNotification
>look at the code

How to define a template for the notification

  1. If need to use predefined templates then

    1. use construction:
      registrar.RegisterNotification<SampleEmailNotification>().WithTemplates(new EmailNotificationTemplate()
                  Subject = "Sample subject",
                  Body = "<p>Sample text</p>",

      look at the code

    2. or use resources like this
    var assembly = Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly();
    registrar.RegisterNotification<SampleEmailNotification>().WithTemplates(new EmailNotificationTemplate()
                Subject = assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("VirtoCommerce.NotificationsSampleModule.Web.Templates.SampleEmailNotification_subject.txt").ReadToString(),
                Body = assembly.GetManifestResourceStream("VirtoCommerce.NotificationsSampleModule.Web.Templates.SampleEmailNotification_body.html").ReadToString()

    and add the resources to 'Templates' folder (look at samples) 1. If need to discover some path with templates then use WithTemplatesFromPath

    var moduleTemplatesPath = Path.Combine(ModuleInfo.FullPhysicalPath, "Templates");
    registrar.RegisterNotification<SampleEmailNotification>().WithTemplatesFromPath(Path.Combine(moduleTemplatesPath, "Custom"), Path.Combine(moduleTemplatesPath, "Default"));

How to send notification from code

  1. After registration the notification need to call two services: INotificationSearchService and INotificationSender
  2. There is a service 'SampleService' for example
  3. Need to add the services to constructor
    public class SampleService 
        private readonly INotificationSearchService _notificationSearchService;
        private readonly INotificationSender _notificationSender;
        public SampleService(INotificationSender notificationSender, INotificationSearchService notificationSearchService)
            _notificationSender = notificationSender;
            _notificationSearchService = notificationSearchService;
  4. Then need to get the notification via INotificationSearchService in needed method
    var notification = await _notificationSearchService.GetNotificationAsync<SampleEmailNotification>();
  5. Then set all notification parameters for the notification like this
     notification.LanguageCode = 'en-US';
     notification.SetFromToMembers("[email protected]", "[email protected]");    
  6. Then to send the notification instantly
    await _notificationSender.SendNotificationAsync(notification);
    or schedule

    NOTE: look at demo-code

How to extend an exist notification type and template

  1. If would like to extend an exist notification then create a extend notification based on a derived notification
    public class ExtendedSampleEmailNotification : SampleEmailNotification
        public ExtendedSampleEmailNotification() : base(nameof(ExtendedSampleEmailNotification))
    look at code
  2. Then need to override the notification type via INotificationRegistrar
    registrar.OverrideNotificationType<SampleEmailNotification, ExtendedSampleEmailNotification>();
    look at code
  3. Also there is a possibility to add templates for the extended notification
    registrar.OverrideNotificationType<SampleEmailNotification, ExtendedSampleEmailNotification>().WithTemplates(new EmailNotificationTemplate()
                Subject = "Extended SampleEmailNotification subject",
                Body = "Extended SampleEmailNotification body test"
    look at code
  4. And need to define derived notifications where has own types and convert the types to based type (like as SampleEmailNotification). It can be define with the Migration.
    1. Need to create a clean migration in project.
    2. Then to add SQL-script which will be update notifications.

      Look at example

NOTE: Look at all samples in project

Last update: September 23, 2021