03/18/2015 08:11 PM Editing case details
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Editing case details

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Open a case in "Customer Service" block. Here you can find full information about the case, related customer, his orders and etc. This information can be edited in case a user has enough rights and access.

  1. Case number - number of the case that can be used for searching;
  2. Customer name - a merchant related to this case;
  3. Title and status - descriptive name or email subject of the case and case state (open. resolved, pending, closed and etc);
  4. Responsible - a person who is in charge for resolving this case;
  5. CCs - copies of messages wihtin the this case can be sent to other users somehow related to the order, the customer or the case;
  6. Type - category of the case according to predefined list of categories (for instance, "payment issues", "claims", "shipment" and etc.);
  7. Priority - selected according to the urgency of the case resolution. This is especially useful when there are too much of cases and CSRs need to resolve urgent and high priority cases first.
  8. Tags - assigned keywords for the case. This field is also usually used for quick searching and categorization of cases in the system.
  9. Public reply - message sent by e-mail and received by the customer.
  10. Internal note - message visible only for internal users related to the case. This is udually used to resolve internal issues before sending an resolution or reply to the customer.

You can also view the orders related to the customer (the list of all orders and order details for each of them).

All of the details can be edited if the user has enough rights. Once the case is edited, click "Save".