Creating, Editing, Deleting a Dynamic Kit

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A dynamic kit is a type of catalog item which can be dynamically configured by the customer. This configuration (or grouping) of products is based on the customer's needs and is sold as a single unit. The components of a dynamic kit are controlled through a set of predefined conditions and user interaction, and supplied at order entry time. Adding a dynamic kit to an order is similar to adding a package. Like a package, the individual components of a dynamic kit cannot be modified and the entire configuration must be fulfilled as a whole. It is allowed to change the dynamic kit components by reconfiguring it using the system.

Creating a Dynamic Kit

To create a Dynamic Kit use "Add" option, select Dynamic Kit as a product to be created and fill out the form.

The dynamic kit has the following parameters:

  • Item Name - a descriptive name of the dynamic kit.
  • Item Type - type from the drop-down list that defines item properties.
  • Can be purchased - elect this check box to allow this dynamic kit to be purchased.
  • Store visible - select this check box to let this dynamic kit appear in the store.
  • Min. Quantity - minimum quantity of dynamic kits that must be ordered by a customer.
  • Max. Quantity - maximum quantity of dynamic kits that must be ordered by a customer.
  • Tax Category - select tax category that will be applied for this dynamic kit.
  • Packaging - select an option of packaging for this dynamic kit.
  • Availability - select an option when this dynamic kit will be available in the store.
  • Weight - enter weight for the dynamic kit displayed on the product page.
  • Track Inventory - select this check box in case you need to control this dynamic kit inventory and show it to customers.

Editing a Dynamic Kit

To edit a dynamic kit double-click it in the catalog and make required modifications.

Deleting a Dynamic Kit

To delete a dynamic kit select it in the catalog and use "Remove" button.