04/28/2016 03:32 PM Storefront SEO routing
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Storefront SEO routing

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)


SEO is an important factor in an e-commerce site, marketing managers should be able to configure a site's URLs in a way that both the end user and search engines can understand. It also should support specifying the exact url for different languages.

  • create simple URLs that shoppers and search engines can understand
  • optimize page metadata to improve search engine page rank
  • generate site maps to submit to search engine providers
  • each page/product/category should be identifiable by a unique url (even language or store specific one)
  • should support filtering SEO (filters should always appear in the same order)
  • there should only be one URL for a page, every other URL should be automatically redirected

Storefront url structure

Each storefront url has the following structure /{store id?}/{locale?}/ where:

  • {store id?} - optional parameter can contains  requested store id, if not specified default store for this host will be used. Makes sense when one host have multiple stores. http://localhost/electronicshttp://localhost/clothing.
  • {locale?} - optional parameter represent language culture name (en-us, it-IT etc). Requested store should support specified language.
  • - request path witch handled by ASP.NET routing.

Storefront slug URL resolution rules