02/03/2016 01:05 PM Create a content placeholder
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Create a content placeholder

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There are steps to create a content placeholder.

  • Go to Marketing module.
  • Select Dynamic content in the module blade.
  • Select Content placeholders in the opening blade. In order to manage your placeholders easily you should create a folder structure. This structure like file system structure where files are content placeholders.
  • Add a new folder for advertising placeholder by clicking on Add toolbar command.
  • Select "Placeholders folder" on the opening blade.
  • Type name and description. Click Create button.
  • Go to created folder by clicking on it.
  • Add placeholder by clicking on Add toolbar command.
  • Select "Placeholder" on the opening blade.
  • Type name and description. Load an image. Usually, the image is screen-short of your site page with marked placeholder. Click Create button.