Agile eCommerce Platform Features

  • On-Demand Scalability Virto Commerce was specifically built for Microsoft Azure to allow on-demand scalability, performance and reliability. Virto Commerce can auto-scale based on the load or seasonal demand. The number of servers can be increased in a matter of minutes to support marketing campaigns. Scheduling and search services utilize queues to distribute job loads. Deploy Globally in Minutes! Servers can be deployed to worldwide data centers so customers can have better access. No more Operating System updates.
    Virto Commerce on-demand scalability and deploy globally in minutes
Virto Commerce run on-premises or hybrid Run On-Premises or Hybrid Virto Commerce also offers on-premises deployment or a combination of both Azure and on-premises.
Virto Commerce images stored in the cloud Images stored in the Cloud Images and other assets are stored in the cloud and auto replicated across various geo locations to improve website response times.
Virto Commerce cloud search Cloud Search Search is designed to scale together with the cloud, multiple instances (worker roles) communicate with each other and form a cluster for more reliable and quicker search. This can be achieved in the cloud and on-premises without any special configuration.


  • Latest Technologies Built using Microsoft .Net 4.6 framework, it encompasses latest architecture practices and technologies for .NET platform. Some of them are: Entity Framework 6, MVC5/Liquid, Web API, Unity, HTML5, AngularJS. Use what you need, replace what you don't Virto Commerce is designed to be a flexible and non-monolithic framework where each part can be replaced or changed when needed. If you have an existing e-Commerce product and simply like how product catalogs are managed in Virto Commerce, you can integrate just the catalog module leaving all other parts of your existing commerce solution intact. This design paradigm minimizes risks of upgrading or creating e-Commerce solution.
    Virto Commerce architecture
Virto Commerce order processing workflows Order Processing Workflows Business processes can be customized using custom activities and workflows. Use included activities or create new ones for payment processing, integration with other systems or other tasks. Activities are implemented using Windows Workflow Foundation and workflows can be customized using GUI designer.
Virto Commerce dependency injection and IoC Dependency Injection & IoC To make sure Virto Commerce is loosely coupled and can be easily extended, the Unity Dependency Injection Container is used both in Front-end Accelerator and back-end admin (Commerce Manager).
Virto Commerce pluggable search engine Pluggable Search Engine Virto Commerce comes preconfigured to work with Lucene and ElasticSearch. Indexing/Search provides pluggable mechanism to utilize any search engine.
Virto Commerce integration Integration Virto Commerce enables various integration methods. The recommended approach is to use our Web API or create new modules to extend the functionality. You can also use such integration tools and SQL Server Integration Services and Biztalk to seamlessly integrate with a platform.
Virto Commerce professional source code Professional Source Code We understand the risks of using a platform for your business and that is why we provide complete source code of Virto Commerce. Use it to customize anything or to simply understand the logic better.
Virto Commerce repository model Repository Model Virto Commerce relies on Repository Model, meaning everything is done through repository interfaces that can be enhanced or replaced without affecting any of the functionality. This allows for unit tests and provider switching between cloud and on-premises.
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