e-Commerce for Orchard CMS

Virto Commerce module for Orchard CMS allows seamless integration of ecommerce capabilities within Orchard CMS. All widgets are directly accessible through Orchard admin panel.

Status: Available

Versions: 2.4

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  • Start selling now Start selling online in a matter of days with Virto Commerce Orchard CMS Modules. Pick one of the existing fully customizable themes or create a new one. Virto Commerce provides everything you need to start selling online. Easily create dealer stores for regions with completely custom themes, product assortment, category taxonomy, price lists and currencies. Localize these dealer stores and customize everything from payment types supported to shipping methods and delivery costs. Create private (login required) stores for just your partners.
  • Leverage Orchard CMS investments
    Use your existing Orchard CMS site and simply drag and drop ecommerce widgets.
  • Stay ahead of your competitors with Open Platform Don't get stuck using closed source e-Commerce product or platform. eCommerce and especially B2B eCommerce is constantly evolving and you can't afford to wait for your vendor to release that crucial new feature. Stay ahead of your competition by utilizing our open source platform that is constantly (daily!) evolving.
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