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e-Commerce for WordPress

Wordpress is one of the most popular blogging and cms products in the market and Virto Commerce is the most cutting edge eCommerce product. Both are open-source and is a great fit. Virto Commerce can be easily used within your Wordpress site.

Status: Ready

Versions: 2.x

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  • Configure javascript and styles Transform your wordpress site to the full e-commerce store by following simple steps below. Please note that at the moment e-commerce functionality can only be added to the wordpress site that is not hosted on as javascripts need to be added. First, add the "Shopping Cart JavaScript" file and style sheet to your template. You do that by modifying "header.php" file located under "/wp-content/themes/{your_theme}/header.php".
  • Create post
    Now create a new blog post and add buy button.
  • You are ready to sell using Virto Commerce and Wordpress! Simply navigate to your blog post and you should be able to purchase the product. When you click the button you will see a modal which contain standard checkout with all available steps.
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