B2B2C eCommerce

B2B2C e commerce

Top 5 B2B challenges and solutions

B2B2C ecommerce has specific business model and process challenges which require customized solutions or special software platform. In this whitepaper we'll provide top 5 challenges that B2B2C ecommerce websites face and their best solutions.

Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) is the term used to describe the e-commerce model wherein Business "A" and Business "B" engage in a collaborative business development exercise whereby Business "A" pays Business "B" for the ability to offer Business "A's" product or service to Business "B's" consumer customer channel. This mutually beneficial relationship affords Business "A" the benefit of introducing their products and or service to a new array of potential customers while simultaneously generating a new revenue stream for Business "B" as well as positioning Business "B" to present its customers with new and relevant products and or services. The consumer customer base also benefits as a consequence of being the recipient of Business "B's" expanded product and or service diversification.

For new businesses on the market, the B2B2C e commerce model can serve as a good form of saving money and as a way of quickly becoming a distributor not only in their markets but also to expand their digital influence to other different marketplaces. With such approach B2B2C e-commerce allows two businesses to combine their forces and start promoting mutually beneficial products, solutions, and services. By having this model, you may not be afraid about sacrificing your freedom as it offers complete product and service transaction.

Never try to see B2B2C ecommerce action as a hidden replacement for your ongoing sales channels. Always remember to position yourself in this collaboration and your partners will see you properly as the middle B in this partnership – the “sales guy” – allowing you to control the sales. Scale up your audience by combining the customer acquisition techniques with your partners and bring down the customer acquisition costs.

With you being determined on adopting the new business model, don’t fool yourself that this approach does not require a big amount of effort put into customer acquisition. It is a wrong way to think that you will get a bulk load of clients with the B2B2C model. If the only motivation you have is to avoid effort, then your business will not enjoy this ecommerce format and generate profit out of it.