Episerver alternatives and competitors

Episerver alternatives

Episerver is a content management system that consistently brings intelligent optimization and personalization to its users and helps them achieve maximum impact with managing content wisely and delivering it through any mobile device.

This CMS is an innovative .NET based solution that allows businesses of various sizes to get maximum presence in the online market and deliver great customer experience at any time. If you are interested in features like multi-channeling, content marketing, SEO optimization and responsive design, this is the CMS you would definitely enjoy.

The solution is open-source and it gives you the basic freedom to control and leverage cutting-edge frameworks and packages without any difficulties. The system itself is a reliable tool for developers to launch and deliver websites with many additional plugins to choose from.

It doesn’t offer many templates for you to work with, however, as the system tries to stay out of your way in creating websites.

Another great thing about this particular CMS is that new updates for it are being released every two weeks; they include additional functionality and robust features.

Unfortunately, like every platform out there, this one has its downsides, too that may make you want to look into some alternatives to Episerver. For example, there are certain Intranet features that are missing in this CMS, that prevent it from becoming the best .NET platform on the web. The cloud license options are not flexible at all either, and the license itself costs is pretty pricey.

In addition, there is almost no benefit from installing third-party add-ons and plugins as they slow down the platform’s performance and do not allow for software upgrades.

While Episerver is a very dynamic and flexible platform that works well for large and medium-sized businesses, it doesn’t hurt to have a look at a few Episerver alternatives that might work better when it comes to choosing the right CMS for your business.

Episerver alternatives - Wordpress
While originally the main purpose of Wordpress is to be a social blogging software, when paired with Woocommerce it becomes a major Episerver alternative in the field of ecommerce. It is particularly great for small business owners because it offers free hosting with limited features. Wordpress can become a great tool for your content management because it can work with lots and lots of plugins. However, to uncover the full potential of Wordpress you would need to purchase the plan that will cost around $25 a month.

If you think that this might be over your budget, fear not. With the plan, you get instant access to the theme template store, unlimited cloud storage space and personal URL that is going to be hosted by Wordpress!

The downside of using Wordpress is its slowed down performance when many plugins are installed. Another major disadvantage is that the plugin database contains lots and lots of outdated plugins that can still be downloaded. That can easily ruin your website’s performance, so you’d need to choose very carefully. Those plugins are not supported and there may even be no notification or no way of knowing beforehand whatsoever until you check them yourself. Always remember to hit the details button when installing a plugin for your website to get information about the date of plugin’s release and its compatibility with your platform.

Wordpress is tremendously popular, it is intuitive to use and is considered to be among the best CMS out there. Its robust web-building tools make it one of the best content management tools, as well as an interactive business store solution.

The next Episerver competitor on the list is Joomla. This is an open-source content management system that helps promote products at marketplaces of various sizes and kinds. If you are a small or a medium-sized business owner, you may value Joomla more than Wordpress for its corporation-orientated approach and sophistication in every touch. This is also another open-source platform that engages a large community of active web-developers and thus provides many plugins and add-ons to work with.
Episerver alternatives - Joomla

With all of its beneficial features, Joomla is currently at the top of the list of content management platforms by hacking attempts, unfortunately. However, Joomla community that currently has more than 500 000 members across the globe is working on creating a safer environment for all its users.

Joomla is very easy to use and with its customizability and expandability, allows you to create websites ranging from basic portfolio ones to sophisticated online stores.

Virto Commerce

Episerver alternatives - Virto Commerce
Another great open source alternative to Episerver is Virto Commerce. Just like Episerver, it is based on .NET technology and includes such sophisticated technologies as Liquid and Angular. It serves as an enterprise-level CMS solution that is well-suited for businesses of any kind. You can always be prepared for what is coming next by simply downloading Virto Commerce’s code. This way you will have total control over your website’s modifications, customizability, and compatibility.

The engaging Virto Commerce community can also help you achieve the most out of your developing process and enhance the already robust features of the platform. Virto Commerce’s own application store allows you to find the best add-ons and plugins that will help expand your options of customizing even more.

With the platform’s modern architecture, you can enhance the performance of your website and easily replace existing modules when needed. By using Virto Commerce as an Episerver alternative, you can fully engage into using its agile features to the fullest. Deploy your website via Microsoft Cloud and scale it using Virto Commerce’s rich resources and multichannel solutions. With CMS like Virto Commerce, you can easily set up a web store and start selling beyond your business hours.

The right CMS platform can be a very important element in reaching the success of your business. While there are undoubtedly great features in Episerver, it lacks some important functionality that is available with some of the Episerver competitors. We have done this brief overview of the available options, so you can choose the one that works best for your particular business.