Guided Search Definition

A new search methodology developed by Pinterest, designed to show you an array of different visual possibilities about where you can go, rather than yielding an end point or terminal answer.

How does it work?

This next generation of search utilizes the site's ever growing supply of user-provided metadata to assist people in finding the object(s) of their search. This search feature isn't looking at images but rather the way those images have been described by users. As particular descriptors show up with sufficient frequency, the system turns them into the categories (and sub-categories) that accompany search results.

What is the step by step Guided Search process?

Guided Search begins by entering a general query - say, baseball. This yields the display of 10 new subcategories allowing the user to select up to 5 of them thereby further refining their search. These subcategories have been winnowed down from user furnished metadata such as captions and comments.

Why is it valuable?

An ecommerce website that permits a buyer to purchase from a supplier's website from within the Buyer's own procurement application. The PunchOut Website has the ability to communicate directly with a buying organization's procurement system through cXML. cXML allows programs to modify and validate documents without prior knowledge of their form. The Buying organization exit's or "punches out" of their company's system and links to the supplier's web-based catalog to select and add items to their shopping cart. Pertinent information about the transaction is delivered to the appropriate channels during the connection.

What is Guided Local Search?

A partial or meta-heuristic optimization search method algorithm applied to change the behaviour of a local search algorithm resulting in refined search results.