Leverage the power of multi touch user experiences. Personalization is the key concept B2B companies need to embrace as consumers expect a consistent experience across web, mobile, and other touch points. To manage an omni-channel user experience, enterprise Business leaders like Amazon and Netflix utilize headless commerce as they know traditional ecommerce platforms can’t change fast enough to keep up with the pace of the consumer market. Additionally, a traditional eCommerce platform lacks the flexibility B2B businesses need to quickly APIfy other providers, data or solutions into their ecommerce front end, providing a coherent user experience across multi touch points. Choosing a platform with a traditional approach may be ok for a small store, but B2B businesses who strive to provide consistency across channels should consider more fiexible platforms.

Virto Commerce’s headless eCommerce architecture separates the content presentation layer that your end customers see from the back end business logic and functional layer. This makes Virto Commerce’s platform superior for B2B and other large businesses as it allows for flexibility, is extensible, provides personalized B2B and B2C experiences, and doesn’t restrict your growth. Headless design allows for unlimited personalization, more flexibility in content delivery and a better user experience overall.

Cost saving s driven by a long term ecommerce partner. Improve your ROI with Virto Commerce’s headless solution. Replatforming is extremely expensive and time consuming. Ensure that you will never need to change ecommerce platforms by choosing a headless solution built for cloud. With an out of the box solution, you run the risk of outgrowing your platform. Headless ensures you won’t sink funding into an investment that can only support your business for a fixed amount of time.

The decoupled user interface allows you to make more frequent and more cost-effective customizations and updates as your business and your customers continue to evolve. With a headless, flexible platform – that supports micro services – you aren’t tied down to specific solutions. You can pick and choose between different services and add and remove pieces as your business needs change.

Endless extensibility proving an omni-channel user experience. Perfect for the complexities of enterprise and B2B ecommerce, Virto Commerce’s platform has endless personalization options, providing the best user experience for your customers. Headless commerce is what makes this possible, allowing you to assemble a customized, tightly integrated experience with the fastest time to value.

When commerce and customer experience are decoupled, all the customer experience pieces — like the user interface, urls and other UX features — are controlled in the CMS. Here, digital creative professionals can best express the brand’s qualities and values, and marketing can manage content and present new offers without altering the ecommerce system.

Supports Expansion into Other Business Lines and Geographies. Once your platform is set up, using Virto Commerce’s expert implementation process it’s simple to deploy in additional geographies, making Virto Commerce ideal for international enterprises.