Catalog and Product information management (PIM)

Catalog management

Allows for quick configuration of the catalog taxonomy based on business requirements for both product and service companies. Through catalog management, master catalog products can be organized into as many virtual catalogs as you want. Combine and showcase different products into seasonal or sale catalogs, or anything your marketing campaigns and business logic desire.

Product information management

Product descriptions, related assets, SEO, prices, inventory, cross-sell and upsell, shipping and fulfillment options, to name a few; can be stored and managed in Virto Commerce. For more complex enterprise ecommerce solutions, information can be gathered from multiple sources by integrating with EPR, WMS, PMI and other corporate systems.

SEO, SMM and marketing

Virto Commerce catalog is designed using the best practices in content marketing. It allows implementation of popular SEO and SMM marketing strategies including but not limited to low frequency requests and dynamic landing pages. It supports close integration with Google Analytics and Google Web Master tools.