Distribution Management Platform

Marketplace for Emergency Distribution of Supplies

A platform connecting suppliers of COVID-19 personal protective equipment with organizations in need of supplies.

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Marketplace for Emergency Distribution of Supplies

Modern Distribution Problems Can Be Solved by Scalable Marketplace

Distribution management platform


At a time when the world is facing a shortage of COVID-19 personal protective equipment (PPE), many municipalities, governments and non-commercial organizations work hard to facilitate the optimal distribution of PPE across front-line healthcare facilities battling the COVID-19 virus.

  • Considerable work is required to accomplish this: registering and verifying suppliers and receiving organizations, collecting information about their proposals and orders, sorting orders and mapping them with proposals, supporting collaboration, informing on orders and proposal statuses etc.
  • Supporting this process through a mailbox becomes a nightmare because it takes a lot of time from all parties, it makes the process unclear and leads to a lot of errors and inconsistencies. Moreover, it is impossible to build an efficient process and share responsibilities for request management.
  • The product gives you a framework where your suppliers and recipients can register, submit requests working in a convenient e-commerce-like interface and monitor the status of requests in real-time.
  • Government or non-profit employees get a system where all suppliers and recipients are registered with all related information like contact details, verification status, order history. All orders are created in a unified way. And finally, all this information can be managed both from the portal admin user interface or from Excel Online – the most well-known and the simplest interface that has ever existed. 

Distribution management platform


The emergency supplies distribution portal of Virto Commerce for municipal, governmental and non-commercial organizations solves all these problems.

Who Is It For?

Employees of municipal, governmental and/or non-commercial organizations are in the process of redistributing emergency supplies at times when the market is not functioning (supplies shortage is too significant) and they must facilitate the connection between suppliers and recipients in order to reduce fraud, speculation, price gouging etc.
Who is Marketplace for Emergency Distribution of Supplies for?

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Features of Marketplace for Emergency Distribution of Supplies

Registration & Data Capturing

  • Register supplier

  • Register organizations

  • Register proposal online

  • Register request online

Process Management
  • Manage supplier and recipient
    details and status

  • Manage proposal and request

  • Manage supplies product catalog

User-Friendly Interface
  • Platform admin user interface

  • Excel online user interface

  • Out-of-the-box portal interface

  • Create landing pages with

Review & History

  • Review registration status

  • Review request status

  • History of the proposal

  • Order history

  • Multi-portal system: run many
    supplies distribution campaigs on a single platform

  • Integrate the portal with any other software

  • Extend to any kind of ecommerce solution when required

  • Role-based access to data for
    information security

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